“Our Family Historian did a lovely job researching our family history! The research is thorough and well organized. To capture so many details that would otherwise be forgotten is such a gift. We especially enjoyed seeing historical photos and signatures of our loved ones. We learned many new things about our family which can now be preserved and passed on to future generations. I highly recommend Our Family Historian where your family history will be handled with the personal care it deserves.”

“Our Family Historian brings ancestors to life. Not only does she pull together census reports, photos, certificates, and clippings in a visually appealing document, she also connects the dots and tells a story. Carolyn has a gift and we are beyond thrilled to have a priceless keepsake to share with our family.”

“My sincere thanks to Carolyn at Our Family Historian for the exceptional job she did exploring my family tree. She provided insight regarding the towns, occupations, and family lives of ancestors I previously knew little about. The photos, census details, and newspaper clippings she discovered are invaluable. I am impressed by the extent of her research, as well as her precision and detail. Carolyn definitely exceeded my expectations in providing a beautifully formatted and extensive family tree that my family will treasure for generations.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would react to what Our Family Historian delivered considering there were a few unknowns in my past. I’m amazed at what Carolyn and OFH was able to uncover and deliver. It extended far beyond tracing a family line, she provided details and context that brought to life fo rme what were faded memories and long time question marks. OFH rises above and the difference is in the details. Thank you Carolyn!”